Why You Need Real, Live, Marketing Firm

CodeShark | 10/21/2016

You’ve probably seen the commercials advertising low cost, whole package online marketing for the price of several cups of terrible coffee a day. It looks good, they have designers and content creators and account managers and lots of other website people raring to help you create a marketing package better that Amazon’s. There are even actual statements from employees and they’re talking about how much they love creating content and logos and designing websites! They love it! They’re passionate about it! It’s $189 dollars a month and you basically get your own marketing department! So what’s the problem? You don’t actually get any of those things.

When something sounds too good (or cheap) to be true, that’s generally because it is, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to companies claiming to give you a marketing package for a fraction of what one is worth. What they’re promising might seem amazing, but what you can expect is far different.

First, you probably won’t own your domain name. That’s important because should you become dissatisfied with the service you’ve paid for, you can’t take your website and go to another firm. They own it, and they keep it. Same goes for the content they’ve created for you. You’ll be starting from scratch.

With us, you own it. Your site is your own from the moment it’s launched. If you’re unhappy with our service, you can take your site elsewhere with the knowledge that it was built to best practices.

Second, while you might be initially happy with what you’ve purchased, your needs will probably change over time. You might want to add ecommerce, different forms, change your logo, add or remove services, and in most cases, because  these places use poorly designed templates, those things are either going to be prohibitively expensive or impossible.

Conversely, we empower you to control your online presence. We will train you on how to utilize WordPress so that you can edit your own website as needed. We create your website in anticipation of your changing needs so that functionality can be added or removed easily and economically.

Finally, what happens if your website breaks? It goes down suddenly and you’re losing business, and you’re stuck in a phone tree. If you’re lucky, you’ll get an agent who has never met you, has never visited your site and doesn’t really care whether or not you’re back online in minutes or within the next week. That’s not a good position to be in, ever.

When you call us, you speak to us. You will never be placed on hold, you will never have to explain your problem to a stranger, and where possible, we will resolve your issue while you’re on the phone. We will call your hosting company on your behalf, and we’ll never leave you in a position where you’re losing money.

That said, we can’t give you an entire branding package for $189 a week.  We can’t because part of what you get is the ability to call us and actually speak with us. We know you, we value your business, and we work with you to create successful marketing strategies that are going to drive revenue. We’re experienced and we care about your success. We see each client’s business as yoked to ours, and we treat you as we’d like to be treated.

If you’d like to know more about our flexibly priced packages (we finance!) give a real marketing firm a call today!