When Your Marketing Company Lies To You

CodeShark | 10/14/2016

So you’re in need of web marketing, and you don’t know where to begin. Maybe you reach out to a company, maybe they call you, and the conversation generally includes the following:

“We can improve your traffic by 50%!”

“You’ll be on the first page of Google!”

“We can get you thirty leads a month!”

“We can increase your revenue by twenty percent within a quarter!”

Sounds great, right? You pay a monthly fee or even a one time setup charge and they handle everything, and the service will pay for itself because you’ll soon have more business than you can handle! That all sounds wonderful, but there’s a huge problem; If your marketing company is making those types of claims, they’re lying to you.

It seems like a strident claim to make, but here are the facts: We can create a custom SEO strategy for your business, we can draw on our years of experience to do everything within our power to drive views to your website and to get you noticed on Google, but we can’t promise you anything, and we definitely can’t promise you specific results. Not because we don’t want to, and certainly not because we don’t have proven strategies, but because no one can.

To put it simply, Google has a secret sauce for how page results are ordered, and they don’t share it with anyone. A good marketing company looks at market trends and continually updates their strategy to keep up with what Google wants to see. It’s a lot of research and a little guesswork, and it takes experience. Because so many things are going to factor into how your site is indexed, it would be virtually impossible (and unethical) to promise you specific results. If you make hats, and you’re the only person within a hundred miles who makes hats, it’s going to be considerably easier to get you on the front page than if you’re a landscaper among two hundred other landscapers within the same twenty mile radius. We can get you to where you want to go, but it takes time, effort and a strategy specific to your business and market.

Another word of caution, do not count on an expensive SEO strategy that you might not be able to afford to both pay for itself and drive profits within the first month. It doesn’t happen. One of the main tenets of our moral philosophy is that we cannot ethically condone selling you a service that’s outsized for your business or that you don’t actually need. We’ve met with many clients who have payed hundreds, or even thousands per month for SEO strategies only to be nearly bankrupted by services that didn’t perform as promised. It’s heartbreaking to hear from small business owners who were sold on promises like those listed above only to learn a hard (and incredibly expensive) lesson.

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