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Search Engine Marketing (SEO/SEM)

In a world where businesses often find themselves on the menu rather than at the table, we develop SEO/SEM strategies that work for your business, not our bank account.

Paid Social

We work with you to create customized, flexible, transparent, and effective paid social strategies that reach your audience and maximize your return on ad spend.

Landing Pages

Whatever kind of site you have, we create highly optimized landing pages helping increase conversion rates to make sure you have the best chance for each visitor.


Branding doesn't have to be intimidating. We work with you to develop sustainable and scaleable branding that positions your business for success at every stage.

User Experience (UX/UI)

We create unparalleled user experiences. We design and test every facet of your interface to engage with consumers in a way that speaks to them, generating results across all platforms.


We create powerful, streamlined websites, apps, and other collateral designed to drive business and meet your objectives while providing the best user experience on the web.

Managed Blogging

Creating content got you down? We do that. We love writing engaging, thoughtful stuff that your customers will love as much as Google does.

Virtual Editor

Writing for the web and overwhelmed about tags and tone and optimization? We work with you to hone your content to maximize results while maintaining your unique voice.

Social Media Management

Social media is powerful and we help you harness it. Our holistic, brand consistent strategies maintain your identity while building authentic connections with your market.

Our Work

Roo Social
Sun Broadcast Group
Auto Auction Holding
Treasure Coast Trapping
North Fulton Community Charities - NFCC
Total Warranty Service
Your Filter Club
Cradle Moon Midwifery
Ravenswood Realty
May Potenza Baran Gillespie
Walt Danley Realty

From Our Blog

We always have a lot to say.

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When Your Marketing Company Lies To You

So you’re in need of web marketing, and you don’t know where to begin. Maybe you reach out to a company, maybe they call you, and the conversation generally includes the following: “We can improve your traffic by 50%!” “You’ll be on the first page of Google!” “We can get you thirty leads a month!” … read more

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What Our Clients Say

We love them even more.

High quality of work and dedication to doing things right. And for reasonable price.

Alan Walford
Founder/CEO, Eos Systems Inc.

CodeShark has been awesome resource and great to work with. We love working with people that help us achieve our vision

Andrew Jauss
Owner, Your Filter Club

The website provides our agency with a fresh look and allows us to be more relevant to the needs of our donors and families.

Vonda Malbrough
Director of Development, NFCC

CodeShark did an awesome job not only getting my website up and running but making it easy to navigate and looking great…CodeShark is definitely one of the good ones! I would use them again myself and I would highly recommend them.

Thomas DiMatteo
Owner, Treasure Coast Trapping Inc.

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